Fabulous Forums

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Most of our programs are called “Forums” because of our unique style of facilitation where we have interactive conversations with our young ladies. We do not talk “at” our students, we talk “with” them during the following Fabulous Forums:

The Life Skills Just for Girls Forum provides young ladies with a distinctive, gender-based curriculum derived from a holistic approach, while combining the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of healthy lifestyles that focusses on their Social and Emotional Learning.  Participants enroll in a series of 11 components facilitated by our Achievement Consultant, which include Self-Acceptance & Self-Esteem, Expression Through Creative Writing, Your Personal Roadmap & Life Plan, Job Readiness and Employment Soft Skills, Smart Money Management, Making The Right Clothing Choices & Dressing For The Occasion, The Negative Effects of Risky Behaviors, Communication & How To Relate To Others, Defining and Building Healthy Relationships vs. unhealthy ones, Social Media, and Dining Etiquette.

Ruth’s Way’s Remarkable Readiness and Employment Forum provides our young ladies with a full spectrum of educational activities, tools, and resources to ensure that they are fully prepared to achieve a successful transition into the employment arena: We teach them how to effectively search for a job, prepare for the application process, apply for a job, keeping a job, and managing finances obtained from a job.  Participants are also provided with Customer Service skills training to prepare them for any job that they pursue.  Upon an approved successful completion of the training portion of the course, job placement is provided in 1 of 2 areas of interest: A job to earn money to support their basic needs or a paid internship within their chosen career industry.

The Junior Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Development Forum is taught by an authentic Toastmaster, who presents a genuine Toastmasters Curriculum which is designed to cater to young audiences for easier comprehension. In addition to learning phenomenal Public Speaking skills, youth develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. Participants learn to:

  • Evaluate their present speaking ability
  • Organize and give speeches
  • Give impromptu talks
  • Control voice, vocabulary, and gestures
  • Give constructive feedback and more

The Smart Money Management Forum is a financial literacy program that focuses on helping girls to increase their math skills while learning how to manage their finances all through fun and interactive conversation.  The curriculum consists of a combination of strategic content derived from a variety of key resources and a host of personalized learning tools that cater to the variety of learning styles of adolescent youth.

The Virtuous Young Ladies Summer Scholarship Forum is a combination of 3 of our Fabulous Forums mentioned above, which we facilitate during the summer months.  Every summer we provide a different combination of Forums.  Upon successful completion of this Forum, each young lady receives a special scholarship towards her postsecondary education goals in the form of tuition assistance, supplies, or internship!  

The Marvelous Mentoring Program: The Marvelous Mentoring Program assigns our young ladies with a female adult Mentor to encourage their self-esteem, ambition, empower their confidence, and help them to stay focused on successfully achieving their goals.  Our Mentors also serve as role models for our young ladies in teaching them how to become professional leaders within their communities, and as chaperones as they engage in a variety of awesome activities and fabulous field trips!