About Us

Founded in 2005, Ruth’s Way, Inc. is a faith-based, nonprofit organization, and the only existing Achievement Consulting Agency for Adolescent Girls in the world! We help female youth ages 10-21 to achieve their most successful futures possible, despite their past or current situation. Ruth’s Way specializes in the behavioral health issues of young ladies who have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives and are displaying negative behaviors as a result. We help girls to achieve their most successful futures possible by showing them how to identify and then properly address barriers that threaten their successful futures. All of our programs and services are carried out from a strengths-based perspective which supports our young ladies and their families being in control of their own processes and outcomes.

What’s An Achievement Consulting Agency?

Ruth’s Way is the only organization that utilizes Achievement Consultation to help our girls to grow into successful women. Through our unique method of Achievement Consultation, we have produced an innovative and positive alternative process for addressing the negative behaviors, repetitive behavioral health issues, and recidivism patterns among female youth. As Achievement Consultants, our staff does not engage in the ineffective practices of traditional “Case Managers”. Historically, Case Managers have tried to “manage” the lives of their participants, by taking the lead in assuming what services and methods will “fix” their situation.

Our Achievement Consultants are strength-based Family Workers, which means that they carry out quality services from an empowerment perspective of helping our youth and their families to realize their own voice and power in controlling their own processes and outcomes.

How’s it all done?

Through a unique process called our “Blueprint-To- Achievement”, we show adolescent girls how to first properly identify, and then appropriately address their barriers to success, which are typically attributed to behavioral health issues on some level, so that they will be able to manage future adversities through healthy self-reliance.

Through our “Blueprint-To-Achievement”, the girls are empowered by learning how to control and change their own destiny. We teach girls how to properly navigate through life’s “hurdles and hiccups” so that they learn how to become effective problem solvers as they mature into productive citizens.

We realize that everyone encounters stumbling blocks at some point in time because life just isn’t perfect. Therefore, we teach female youth and their families how to maintain healthy self-reliance and interdependence so that they are properly prepared to deal with future adversities while family cohesion and preservation are maintained.

Our key areas of focus within this process are Family Development, Care Coordination, Life Coaching, Life Skills, Job Development, Job Readiness/Employment Soft Skills, Counseling and Mentoring for our girls AND their families. Utilizing this holistic approach allows us to effectively develop long-term goals focused on the successful future achievement!

Our Mission:

Our mission here at Ruth’s Way is to empower female youth by showing them that they CAN achieve successful futures, regardless of their past or current situation! Our goal is to help young girls achieve long-term success as ethical, virtuous women.

Our Philosophy:

Through the elements of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, we are blossoming our girls into virtuous women! We encourage our girls to develop a new, value-based mindset, which helps to sow the seed of a virtuous woman! The foundation of our 3-F’s Value-Based System, of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, was derived from the values and morals of the Biblical story of Ruth.

Ruth’s entire journey was fueled by her faithfulness to God first, her mother-in-law and her determination to preserve her family connections. Ruth embraced the value of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness; and she honored a moral-system that was based on great Love, Humility, and Respect. Most importantly, the core of this value system was family cohesion and preservation.

*We believe that a young girl who has truly embraced these values will no longer maintain a desire to repeat negative behaviors which are contradictory to these values.


In 2015:

• 100% of our girls maintained program retention and achieved at least 1 of their primary goals.

• 89% of our girls successfully achieved a minimum of 3 of their primary goals and earned rewarding incentives.

• 75% of our girls maintained consistency in avoiding prior repetitive negative behaviors.

Last Year:

• 100% of our girls showed some level of improvement in their negative behaviors, which contributed to reduced repetitive negative behaviors in female youth overall.

• 0% of our clients re-entered our program nor were they referred to any other programs regarding their prior negative behaviors, which contributed to reduced recidivism rates in female youth overall.

• 0% of our girls were placed in facilities, which contributed to the overall reduction in facility placement among adolescent girls.

• 100% of our girls increased their student achievement, which contributed to overall accelerated student achievement.

• 100% of our girls displayed the distinct skill of utilizing.

The Importance / Need:

Imagine if the behavioral health issues of female youth continue to go unaddressed, or even worse, continue to be improperly addressed? Well, these issues can grow and fester into much larger obstacles for our female youth, some of which may be detrimental to the survival of this generation of girls. Historically, the under-addressed behavioral health issues of female youth have frequently led to facility placement, which creates a much larger barrier for them to achieve successful futures or excel as societal leaders.

The Solution:

Ruth’s Way, Inc. is an effective, positive alternative to preventing the behavioral health issues of our female youth from growing into larger obstacles which prevent them from achieving successful futures. Our Achievement Consultation Program effectively addresses the repetitive negative behaviors and recidivism patterns of adolescent girls, so that these behaviors do not fester into permanent delinquency issues that can lead to their arrest and/or detainment in juvenile detention facilities.