Lanelle “Nellie” Brooks

Lanelle “Nellie” Brooks Testimony 8/30/2019

“Hey Yall! I just wanted to say how Ruth Way was a total lifesaver for my Saturdays in the summer. Because at first my Saturdays were looking at little boring but then Ruths Way was my favorite thing to do. Even in the school, the program was consistent and fun.   I love all the girl, the ones here and in spirit and we empower each other. I will totally be doing this next year.”

Daniyah Robinson

Daniyah Robinson Testimonial 2019

“Thank u ms isis and ms cara for everything, especially Ms. isis for starting this program. It will help me in the future.” Daniya Robinson

Jade White

Jade White Testimony 8/31/2019

Ruth’s way has been working with me for a little over one year now and they’ve been nothing but help towards my success and growth. Originally my mother signed me up for the group in the summer of 2018. I felt like I didn’t need help and I didn’t really want to give up every Saturday fo 8 weeks. I still had to go for my first day then after that first day I decided to give it a try and make my way to most of our meetings. Everyone there wanted to see us be better and grow into strong young ladies. The Ministers of the program had fun yet meaningful activities for us to do at every meeting. Over the summer I learned how to balance a checkbook, healthier ways to manage emotions like journaling, and better communication skills I used with peers to solve problems instead of just getting my point across. When I started the program I was fighting a lot, constantly arguing with many other girls, unemployed, and was trying to get my life together. Ruth’s way had my back and helped me through a hard time. They helped with encouraging me to go and get my permit and teaching me ways to function as an adult. Now Im a senior in highschool, I don’t fight in school, I have my drivers license, my own car, and Ms Isis is helping a friend and I find a new apartment. Without this program I’m not sure where I would be but I do know they have helped me and so many other girls reach goals they could have only dreamed of and for that I’m Thankful to have been able to participate in Ruth’s way summer and after school programs.

Jade White

Dominique Robinson

Dominique Robinson Testimony 8/30/2019

Ruth’s Way gave me a lot of information for the future. I want to thank Ms. ISIS for starting the program. I also want to thank Ms. Cara for encouraging me to join the program. It has helped me out a lot. Ruth’s Way taught me a lot of things and gave me useful information that I can use in the future.

~Dominique Robinson (age 11)