Board of Directors Treasurer RaShawn Baugh

RaShawn Baugh

Board of Directors Treasurer

RaShawn Baugh has charted a path of education and experience that has led her to live the professional life of her dreams. With a BS in Information Technology Management, a Master’s Degree in Information Technology, and a current career in clinical research, she has been able to satisfy her analytical side and philanthropic side as well.

Determined to make a secure life for herself and her family, RaShawn joined the military to further her education and expertise in technology. Before completing her contract, she had reached the rank of E5 Sergeant, as a Senior Satellite Communications Operator and Maintainer. 

Throughout her journey, RaShawn would discover a true professional fit in Project Management. She is currently a Program Manager, with over ten years in the clinical research industry. She will obtain her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification by the end of 2021. Her next goal in this field is to continue to grow as a manager in Project Management, ultimately earning a Director position.

While Project and Data Management is a love of RaShawn’s, another passion is serving the community and youth in any way she can from volunteering to donating time and resources. 

With such a collection of analytical endeavors, you may think of RaShawn as a very driven and serious IT nerd, who loves nothing more than data and software. While that would certainly fit her professional persona, she is also a member of Baptist Temple Church and mother of three, with a great laugh, who loves to travel.