Our Phenomenal Forums!!!

Here at Ruth’s Way, we don’t offer girls mere programs…… we offer them SO MUCH MORE! Our curriculums are facilitated through interactive conversations with our girls about topics that they want to talk about, this is what we refer to as our PHENOMENAL FORUMS!!!

The Life Skills Just For Girls Forum

The Life Skills Just For Girls Forum is our gender-based forum derived from a more holistic approach which combines the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of healthy lifestyles. Our core areas of focus are self-esteem, effective journal keeping, goal setting, interview attire, healthy relationships, positive communication, job-readiness, career preparation, healthy eating habits, self-care and image building.


The Job Readiness and Employment Soft Skills Forum

The Job Readiness and Employment Soft Skills Forum is an innovate composure of interactive activities, focusing in the core areas of Communication, Enthusiasm and Attitude, Teamwork, Networking, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, and Professionalism. Activities are typically facilitated within a classroom atmosphere.


The Junior Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Development Forum

The Junior Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Development Forum is taught by an authentic Toastmaster, whom presents genuine Toastmasters Curriculum which is designed to cater to young audiences for easier comprehension. In addition to learning phenomenal Public Speaking skills, youth develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. Participants learn to:

• Evaluate present speaking ability

• Organize and give speeches

• Give impromptu talks

• Control voice, vocabulary and gestures

• Give constructive feedback and more


The Smart Money Management Financial Literacy Forum 

The Smart Money Management Forum is a financial literacy program derived from the Wells Fargo Bank “Hands On Banking” For Young Adults Curriculum, which includes the basics of bank services, the importance of saving, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, wealth building, and more. Whether it’s opening a checking account, avoiding identity theft, paying for college, applying for a credit card, or starting a small business, the Hands on Banking program provides real-world skills and knowledge that everyone can use.

*Every young lady who participates in our Phenomenal Forums is also assigned to a Mentor from our Marvelous Mentoring Program: The Marvelous Mentoring Program assigns each of our girls with a female adult Mentor to encourage their self-esteem, ambition, empower their confidence, and help them to stay focused on successfully achieving their goals. Our Mentors also act as role models for our girls in teaching them how to become professional leaders within their communities, and as chaperones as they engage in a variety of awesome activities and fabulous field trips!