Meet our Awesome Achievement Consultant Facilitator Miss Mar’Keya Beechaum!

Mar’Keya Beechaum, was born in Pittsburgh PA. and attended Pittsburgh Public Schools while growing up.

Mar’Keya Beechaum found her passion to help young girls get on a positive path and succeed at their fullest potential while watching her mother raise her and her sister in a single-parent household. Mar’Keya was always a genuine leader and aware of her surroundings which led others to migrate towards her and follow in her path.

Ms. Beechaum graduated from Carrick High School in 2012 and attended Penn State University – Greater Allegheny from 2012 – 2016. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice. Mar’Keya was always motivated to help young girls from the experiences that she noticed happen with her younger sister and the juvenile system. Right out of college she began working with The Children Youth and Families of Allegheny County, where she met various families who came from various backgrounds who all needed some form of help either emotionally, mentally, or financially. Working as a social worker encouraged Mar’Keya to want to do more, which was only the start of her impactful journey.

After six years of working with the female youth population, Mar’Keya crossed paths with Ms. Isis Chatman and was able to gain the position of an Achievement Consultant for Ruth’s Way, Inc. where she can continue guiding young females on their life’s journey. Mar’Keya is very grateful to help this population with their day-to-day life skills and be one of the people in their corner to help, encourage and motivate them to become the best versions of themselves that they can be.