Meet our Awesome Achievement Consultant Facilitator Ms. Briana Brownfield!

Briauna Brownfield, native of Uniontown PA, move to Pittsburgh with her mother while she was in the fourth grade to be amongst her father side of the family. 

Briauna Brownfield is an experienced Youth Mentor coordinator professional whose passion is to help young adolescent youth achieve their fullest potential. As a young girl, growing up in McKeesport Pennsylvania Briauna was fortunate enough to have great role models to look up to. Although at a young age, she realized that having such great role models was a privilege. No matter where life took her, Briauna‘s lifetime goal was to be a positive role model and outlet for youth.

Ms. Brownfield graduated from McKeesport High School in 2012 and attended Point Park University from 2012 to 2016. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She has always had a mentoring spirit but volunteering with AmeriCorps for two terms really reignited that fire. Briauna served for AmeriCorps for two terms 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. While serving for AmeriCorps she had the opportunity to hold two positions, one as a Youth Mentor Coordinator for Wilkinsburg Youth Project and the other as an English Language Arts (ELA) tour at McKeesport Propel Charter School for 5th and 6th grade. During her time as a Youth Mentor Coordinator, she was able to get involved in the urban community assisting high school students through a work ready program that hires high school youth from low- income families that prepares them to succeed in a professional environment in general. Also, she taught the youth the importance of upholding the program’s standards of conduct while at work and in the community. While, serving as an ELA tour in McKeesport PA, at Propel McKeesport Charter School she quickly noticed the lack of diversity regarding the faculty and lack of resources for the students to get an equal opportunity at learning.

With her many years of experience working throughout the non-profit community and mentoring youth, God blessed Briauna with the position of an Achievement Consultant Facilitator for Ruth’s Way, Inc. where she is surrounded by great leadership. Briauna is extremely honored to help young adolescent girls with their day-to-day issues and help them to help themselves by being self-reliant and to help instill qualities within themselves on the road to becoming virtuous women.