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Is your daughter in an abusive relationship? How would you even know?

She’s not going to simply come out and TELL you, is she? Does your daughter know someone who is in an abusive relationship? Most of us have answered YES to if not 1 of, BOTH of these questions throughout our lifetimes, and unfortunately, this has become a norm among this generation of youth.

Your teenage daughter is either IN an abusive relationship, has BEEN IN an abusive relationship, or KNOWS someone who is experiencing an abusive relationship. In this masterclass, we will discuss building HEALTHY relationships, discerning intentions within a relationship, and communicating intentions.

We will also explore abusive and dependent relationships utilizing the “Love Is Not Abuse” Teen Dating Violence and Abuse Prevention Curriculum, which focuses on 4 critical goals:
1. Increasing students’ understanding of teen dating abuse.
2. Enabling students to reach out to provide support and help to a friend. or family member who may be involved in an abusive relationship.
3. Increasing help-seeking behavior among students involved in abusive dating relationships.
4. Promoting healthier approaches to dating relationships and conflicts.
Your daughter DESERVES to know the truth about abuse, and that it does NOT equal love!

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