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Does your daughter know how to balance a checkbook?

To your surprise, most of our children do not because the schools DO NOT teach them the aspects of money management. We want your daughter to be her MOST SUCCESSFUL SELF POSSIBLE, just as you do, and we both know that in order to be truly successful you HAVE to not only know how to manage your finances, but you have to be SMART about it!

This masterclass will utilize one of the most brilliant money management resources familiar to us all: Wells Fargo! We will utilize their “Hands On Banking Curriculum For Young Adults” to teach your daughter the topics of: bank service basics, why saving is important, smart money management, using credit responsibly, investing, and wealth building.

Upon completion of this masterclass your daughter will be well-equipped with the very successful attributes of Smart Money Management so that once she achieves her most successful future possible, she will know how to not only MAINTAIN it, but she will know how to MAKE IT EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL!

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