Miss LaNell Brooks

Parent Testimonial: Featuring Miss Lanell Brooks, Jr., from her Mom Mrs. Lanell Brooks, Sr.

Thanks for this opportunity to tell everyone about my beautiful, caring, smart and talented daughter.  LaNell is definitely one of a kind, even though we share the same name she is an a original.

I really don’t know where to start, she has accomplished so many things its really unbelievable to me at times because in this day and age our youth gets a bad rap but not LaNell, she stays active in church, school and of course social media? and have not dropped the ball on maintaining a honor roll status her entire school career. She does all her work without me telling her to do so and that’s impressive. I am so proud of her because she has pushed herself to do her best. She has earned numerous awards for her efforts. LaNell has attended CMU in the summer for math and psychology which this year she was paid to complete the summer program. WOW! It was a great opportunity for her to learn and apply what she learned to her life.

What I truly can say is that LaNell is a fantastic person she has made mistakes however she has learned from them as well which is most important she is becoming a woman who will make a difference in our lives and future she is the future. Outspoken but listens, respectful but knows her worth, smart but always learning, pretty but humble. She is my inspiration I love her so much.

Mrs. Isis thanks for not dropping the ball on our girls, this platform that you are providing for them is unmatched and I’m truly grateful and appreciative for your support over the years. Thank you for caring and making a difference for every young lady in Ruth’s Way!

Mrs. LaNell Brooks