Achievement Consulting Agency for Adolescent Girls


Reduced repetitive
negative behaviors


Recidivism Rates


Increased Student Achievement

Is Your Daughter Changing?

Are you a good mom who has noticed that her daughter has fallen slightly off course from her road to a successful future? Have you noticed a sudden drop in grades? Has your once well behaved daughter suddenly started “Acting out”?

If so, click here because we have a message just for you.

How Is It All Done?


Through the elements of Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness, we are blossoming our girls into virtuous women! We encourage our youth to develop a new, value-based mindset, which helps to sow the seed of blossoming women!

The foundation of our 3-F’s Value-Based System, (Family, Friendship, and Faithfulness), was derived from the values and morals of the Biblical story of Ruth.


Nurturing strong, virtuous girls through loving family support.


Fostering meaningful, supportive friendships for mutual growth.


Instilling steadfast commitment to values and moral integrity.

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Our Goal Is To Help Young Girls Achieve Long-Term Success As Ethical, Virtuous Women of Society